Meklit Hadero & Quinn DeVaux

A soul record, certainly. A project born of a shared feel for that idiom’s sounds. But not a suite of songs by its bold-faced names (well, maybe a couple – they couldn’t lay off that Sam classic, or from making a Stevie tune new). Nor an album of originals (though it does include an estimable trio of those, including the toothsome groove of Sent by You, damp as the paper napkin they wrote it on). No. This is something else. A record comprised, as Quinn says, of tunes that we could wear.


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Meklit Hadero & Quinn DeVaux

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Meklit & QuinnMeklit Hadero, Quinn DeVeaux
“Sent by You” (mp3)
from “Meklit & Quinn”
(Porto Franco Records)
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