Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue: This Haunting

Alex Watts & the Foreign TongueMelbourne based rock/pop quartet Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue released their latest single, ‘This Haunting’ earlier this year, which was celebrated with an east coast tour including a packed out launch at Melbourne’s iconic Cherry Bar. Receiving national airplay and the attention of music blogs both in Australia and overseas, ‘This Haunting’, helped create something of a buzz surrounding the band, whilst showcasing their evolution since 2011’s debut EP Desperate Love.

The song was co-written with Mick Thomas (Weddings, Parties, Anything) and besides the members of the Foreign Tongue, being bassist Brian Juffs, drummer Michael McHugh and Alex on guitar and vocals, features a horn section borrowed from The Australian Ska Orchestra, which lends an upbeat, playful energy to the music, also reflected in the clip’s tongue-in-cheek use of melodrama and effects. ‘This Haunting’ is one chapter from a longer song cycle which will be the focus Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue’s debut album in 2013.


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