The Soviet: Monotony

The SovietFrom the North Eastern United States (or more specifically Blairstown, NJ) The Soviet have released a three track self-titled EP, and this track is from it.

“The Soviet is a band of four close friends, based in the rural areas of northern New Jersey. Having their start in the latter half of 2011, the band has wasted no time writing and performing material, preparing to release their debut EP in the early weeks of 2012. Combining elements from many different styles and influences, the band has created a sound all their own in the alternative rock scene. Although the ages of the members average out to a mere 16 years old, each band member has a wide range of musical experience in multiple genres and instruments, generating an intuitive and versatile dynamic within the band. The Soviet has essentially just started its journey, with no plans of stopping any time soon.” [Official Bio]


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