Bear Mountain: Two Step

Bear Mountain is an electro/dance band from Vancouver, B.C that began as the bedroom project of Ian Bevis. After the break-up of an old band, Ian began releasing early demos and remixes on the Internet, and started exploring the grounds between electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Soon after releasing his second EP, Ian joined long-time friend and collaborator Kyle Statham to bring the sounds to the stage. “We wanted to bridge the gap between songwriter, producer, band and DJ, and pour every piece of ourselves into that experience.”

“Making music has always been about what’s going on underneath the surface – About looking at what’s happening inside of you, and then finding a way to let that out. We focused on the idea of the infinite, and the impossible, and the feeling that if you dig deep enough, you can find it. The notion that you can be searching for something your whole life, and at the end, it was all right in front of you. That fleeting moment of realization is what we are trying to capture.”

The result is xo, a collection of songs that is unmistakably fresh and powerfully captivating.

[via Banter]


[audio:] Download Two Step