Acid House Kings: This Heart Is A Stone

The Sun is bright today? Is it rainning? You broke up, found a new love? Lost something or gain something? You’re bored with your life? You are happy to live the life you live? You don’t like music? If you do, you are not reading. You do like music? That’s why you are here? You like complex lyrics, melodies and arrangements? You like them simple? The bands you like have some imperfections, but still you like them, because they do have the imperfections? Do you prefer something that you would call perfect? You want to cry? Want to laugh? You like ABBA? You prefer The Hives?

Whatever you’re into when choosing wich band to listen, Acid House Kings will have songs for you.

You’re in love with them, aren’t you? Oh, it’s the first time you are listening to them? Where have you been these last 21 years?

Johan, Niklas and Julia, music sounds (way much) better with you. Joakim, we know you were there too.

The reissue of Acid House Kings’ three sold out albums is available on Labrador.


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Acid House Kings

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