Holmes: Mosquitoes

Holmes can often be found buried under a mountain of vintage recording gear in his cozy Silverlake, California home studio, cooking up tracks for himself, other artists, television and film. Roy Shakked, under his moniker Holmes, distills an array of influences, both musical and simply from life, with his fourth release, Complication Simplified, due out Sept. 25, 2012.

Complication Simplified shows a great variety in tone and instrumentation, while still focusing on Shakked’s great arrangements and songwriting. The jaunty, syncopated “Mosquitoes,” brings the frustration of the one-sided conversation alive with banjo, whistling and snappy lyrics. Despite the musical diversity, the album is, at its heart, about simplicity. “It’s about a return to simplification of musical ideas for me, and the simplification of life’s problems,” Shakked claims. “It’s about getting to the point and clearing out what’s unnecessary.”

[via Green Light Go]


[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-holmes-mosquitoes.mp3] Download Mosquitoes