Lightning Love: Deadbeat

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The members of Lightning Love would really prefer not to talk about themselves. They’d much rather talk about the important subjects in life: their hometown (Ypsilanti, Michigan) their favorite breakfast (Pop-Tarts and coffee), their favorite microphone (the SM-57), their plans to get good and wasted later.

Can’t hardly blame them for deflecting any attempts at self-reflection. All you need to know about Leah Diehl (vocals, keyboards), Ben Collins (guitar, vocals), and Aaron Diehl (drums, vocals), the three members of Lightning Love, is right there within the Blonde Album.

The minimal, carefully arranged, and melodic tunes within counter the delicate, twee pop with lyrics that take a clear-eyed and unflinching look at the sorrows of love, life, and the occasional drunken shit-show. Like the new wave and brit-pop groups that have inspired the band, Lightning Love knows that the best way to swallow a bitter pill is to douse it in something sweet.

That has been the band’s credo since its earliest days, with Leah recording demos in her basement apartment that mashed lyrics of anxiety, humiliation, and isolation up against chirpy, poppy anthems. Those tracks that made it online and struck a raw nerve with bookers around the Midwest who asked her to play some shows. Leah roped in her friend Ben and her brother Aaron to fill out the sound, and, thus, Lightning Love was truly born.

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Blonde AlbumLightning Love
“Deadbeat” (mp3)
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