Caligola: Sting of Battle

Caligola are playing today at Audi Festival, Neckarsulm, Germany. On the 10th of July they will be playing at Burg Calm, Klam, Austria.

Caligola is a group of artists spanning many different art forms. A fellowship of creative people from all over the world who creates art together with no limits or boundaries where diversity, passion, lust equality and open mindness are core elements.

On this project, the album Back To Earth, the music is created by Caligola members Gustaf Norén and Björn Dixgård from Mando Diao, Salla and Masse from the Salazar Brothers alongside musicians like jazz artists Per ”Ruskträsk” Johanson and Nils Janson, popstar Agnes, DJ Paul Van Dyk, Oskar Blonde, the legendary rasta Natty Silver, gospel diva La Gaylia Fraizer and 60’s legends Hansson and Karlsson. Also everything that comes with the music; artwork, photography, live show, videos, clothes etc is collaborations or creations done by Caligola members. Some known, some unknown. (press release)

So, be prepared for a unique experience while listening or attending to a show by Caligola.


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