Scout: So Close

With All Those Relays, NY band Scout’s first album since 2003, Ashen Keilyn has deconstructed the band and put it back together piece-by-piece — new players, new producers and, most importantly, the best songs of Keilyn’s career.

Keilyn set out to create All Those Relays, inspired by music, film, and the idiosyncrasies of everyday life. Scout’s new music was created organically, each song born exactly when it was ready. Keilyn took her time with this music, and her careful, relaxed writing makes for gorgeous, free-flowing songs.

“I feel like a big sponge. I take my experiences in life and turn them into music,” she says. “That requires a lot of living. I have to put a lot in to get a little tune out.”

With an EP released and a new record completed ready to go, what happens now?

“I’m allowing thing to happen at their own pace,” says Keilyn.

[via Planetary]


[audio:] Download So Close