Insomnia Radio #181: It Goes Something Like This…

What’s this unexpected package you may ask? Today brings the 181st full length episode of Insomnia Radio, with a tribute to the promotional wonders of Boston’s MJ Epstein Memorial Library as our representative cover. Follow up on their respective link below for more unique promo goodness and quality tunes.

We’ve put together sixteen tracks coming from, but not limited to the exotic locales of Prince Edward Island, Lisbon, Scotland, Belfast, and Kansas! Three previously featured tracks from the Daily Dose feed, sponsored by our three never-sleeping “suppliers” are also flagged for a repeat listen. And how could we not forget the gospel classics?

TRT: 1:01:57, SFW

[audio:] Download IR: Episode 181

1) The Feel!: Gospel of Funk
2) Icarus the Owl: Swimming With Weights
3) And So I Watch You From Afar: Search:Party:Animal
4) Marty Was Right: We’re Not Beautiful, We Don’t Care
5) Dana Buoy: Call to Be
6) Beast Make Bomb: Coney Island
7) 4th of July: L Train
8) Blackbird Blackbird: Waikiki
9) The Michael J Epstein Memorial Library: Civil Engineering
10) Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps: Calliope
11) Little Sur: Brothers
12) The Danks: What We’re Doing
13) Birdmonster: Forever Gone
14) wecamefromwolves: Tidals
15) Dare Dukes: Jim Egger’s Parrot
16) Daughter: Love