Sam Densmore: She’s Going to Want You

Portland, Oregon singer/songwriter and music producer, Sam Densmore, has been a musician his whole life, teaching himself guitar and eventually earning a BA degree in music composition in 1996. He started out playing in south coast clubs at age 14. Since then he’s performed on bills with a diverse array of indie artists including Frank Black, Richmond Fontaine, and Mike Watt among others.

Densmore’s upcoming mid-June release, Ku-Thar’-Tik, features his sweet and scratchy vocals, which have been compared to artists like Michael Stipe and Mountain Goats. His vocals serve as a backdrop to his catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. Emotional and contemplative, the songs themselves are about Densmore’s first 40 years thus far, and all the love, loss, anxiety and experience that comes with it.

[Via Green Light Go]


[audio:] Download She’s Going To Want You