North Highlands: Steady Steady

North Highlands—the place, not the band—is, as Brenda Malvini puts it, “a gnarly suburb trapped in time. It sounds like a beautiful name but it’s not a beautiful place.” Located just outside of Sacramento, North Highlands once housed a military base, and also Brenda, who relocated to New York City as quickly as the town would let her out. She went to NYU, where the majority of North Highlands—we’re talking about the band now—also went, all of them “graduating or not graduating,” as they put it, a couple of years ago. Brenda was writing songs, but keeping them secret, until a friend booked her a show and said, “do it.” Unable to resist, Brenda enlisted her friends to fill out the bill. Mike Barron helped out on guitar, Jasper Berg on percussion, Daniel Stewart on guitar, violin, and mandolin and Andy Kasperbauer on bass.

No matter how much North Highlands’ know of the frustrating realities of never quite getting what you want, they remain consistently upbeat. “Everyone in the band is just totally down,” Mike says. They all love playing music, love listening to music, love being together. Over the phone from the beer garden that has just been installed adjacent to their practice space (Williamsburg is a long way from North Highlands), Brenda and Mike outline the different passions of each member, and how their differences make them all perfect for each other.

[bio via We Are Sold Gold]

Steady Steady first released as a single on September 2nd, 2011 and is also available on their debut album, Wild One, released that October.


[audio:] Download Steady Steady