Alexander & The Grapes: East Coast

SXSW along with its few musical offshoots and massive swarm of unofficial acts are gearing up for the weekend, with the city streets clogging up tonight as a whole new dynamic sweeps over Austin; for better of for worse. If you blinked over the course of the past few days you likely missed several thousand varied performances, although there’s still plenty of time to take in two sets from the great St. Petersburg Florida indie rock band, Alexander & The Grapes.

Alexander & The Grapes are playing this Friday afternoon at Dogwood @ 2:15pm and at their official New Granada label showcase on Saturday evening at Skinny’s Ballroom, 9pm CST.

Keep June 2012 on your radar as the band is gearing up to release their full length album “Hemispheres”. Also, don’t forget to also check out the B-Side of today’s featured track at the BandCamp link below – “Proud Iron Seeds”.


[audio:] Download East Coast
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