Royal Canoe: Hold On to the Metal

Today and all of this week we are showcasing a few of the acts playing at or in the vicinity of the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX. Amongst the 50,000 performances scattered throughout all the street corners, bars, and generally any area a band can be crammed into, you may want to keep Royal Canoe’s showcasing act at the top of the list.

While this may mean you have to cross 49,950 other performances off your musical grid, you will likely be in a for a great night when Royal Canoe takes the stage at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room on Thursday night for their official showcase or alternatively at a follow-up party over at the Bayou Lounge on Friday evening.

Royal Canoe are based out of Winnipeg Manitoba and independently released their EP, Extended Play this past February 21st.

[via Killbeat]


[audio:] Download Hold On to the Metal
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