IR: Australia #17 – Welcome Back, IR Australia! (part 2)

Welcome to episode 17 (part 2) of Insomnia Radio Australia! Erk has been away for a while. He was away in Europe & Asia for 3 months, meeting some of the IR team while he was away. After that, he has been busy with new shows on his own podcasts at Channel Erk. But just in time for the Christmas festivities, Erk is back with 2 hours of great Australian music which he recorded recently in conjunction with episode 200 of Erk FM.




With one exception, Erk has seen all of the artists perform live in 2011. Some of these songs would never be played on traditional radio which is partly the reason why Erk is playing them! This is the final part of a 2 part special – if you missed part 1, you can listen to it here. Erk is looking forward to bringing you a lot of great Australian music on a monthly basis on IR: Australia in 2012!


Music supplied by SGC MediaTijuana Gift Shop & the artists directly.


Song list:

  • New Day – Karnivool (Tijuana Gift Shop)
  • Deadman – Karnivool (Tijuana Gift Shop)
  • Change – Karnivool (Tijuana Gift Shop)
  • Arabian Nights – Domino (direct)
  • Crusader – Domino (direct)
  • Toxic City (live, recorded by Erk) – Domino