Bomb the Music Industry!: THERE’S My Bailout!

“Everything is magic ’til you can’t afford the cost; ‘Til you ain’t got eight-hundred bucks to pay the rent; Until you don’t have twenty bucks.”

These are some appropriately timed lyrics from New York’s BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY and their four song split from 2009 with Laura Stevenson and the Cans.

Like Fugazi once did, BtMi play all ages shows for under $10 and offer up all their album as free creative commons downloads via their site, Quote Unquote Records – with suggested donations posted at the door.

This four song split is described by the band as such:
This was recorded before the fare for the NYC subways/buses went up from $2.00 to $2.25. The reported plan was that there was to be a fifty cent hike in between the point when this song was recorded and when it was released so I figured I’d keep it up to date. Turns out we were slightly bailed out and it was only a twenty-five cent hike. Maybe that just means this song will be relevant in 2011 though.”

Relevant indeed: “Another floor went up today, and tomorrow they’ll be taking my park away”


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