Dreamers of the Ghetto: Tether

Dreamers of the Ghetto are a family band from Bloomington, Indiana, consisting of brothers Luke and Jonathan Jones, Luke’s wife, Lauren, and Marty Sprowles. They marry the sentiment of classic 80s film soundtracks to minimalist, romantic dream-rock, creating a unique environment that becomes almost instantly addicting. The triumphant, reach-for-the-stars attitude of veterans like U2 and Depeche Mode is paired with the gospel splendor of Spiritualized and ominous austerity of The xx, all carried by what Shaking Through calls “the most amazing singer we’ve seen since Sharon Van Etten.” DOTG have mined a sound that is both timeless and nostalgic, and they’ve done so with an earnest fearlessness and refreshing lack of irony. They are true, pure, and unbelievably powerful. (from their official biography sent by Indigenous Promotions)


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