Futurist: Antihero

From the album War Is Yesterday,we bring today Antihero by the Brooklyn based band Futurist. After checking Futurist’s links, make shure you know Curtis Peel, the lead singer, and his visual art at http://www.curtispeel.com/.

An imaginative project and multimedia vision, Futurist is an experimental folk-rock band that blends nuanced, earnest song writing with an intense rhythmic drive and sonic palette. Using midi and analog effects, looping, and unparalleled amounts of energy, Futurist produces a wall of sound that uplifts and inspired within an interactive environment. The vision of Futurist is commonly about collaboration, combining the use of costumes, stage decoration, projections and lighting, and audience interaction into their live shows. (Facebook note).


Download Antihero

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Futurist’s links

Main site | Bandcamp | Curtis Peel | Facebook | MySpace | Reverbnation | Vimeo