IR: Portugal 14: Welcome Back

Welcome back to Insomia Radio: Portugal. The best portuguese independent music is back with the monthly show, right from the Azores Islands. After a long unexpected delay, I am back. Sorry for that. Well, not for being back. Sorry for nor returning earlier. First it was my final work for the sound classes I was taking and then Summer vacations. Traveling around the islands and Portugal mainland, made me delay this 14th show untill today.

On this month’s show, you will be listening to a very special track from a very portuguese music style, wich is fado and it’s very own guitarra portuguesa (portuguese guitar).

As for the music on this show, this is the list:

1: Faz de Conta – Gente Falsa

2: Uni_Form – Shaddows

3: Cars Are Crashing – Turning the Wind Against Us

4: Peltzer – Superstart (free mp3 at the band’s site)

5: Helena Sarmento – Respiração



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