Typhoon: The Honest Truth

Portland indie orchestra Typhoon turned many a critical head in 2010 after releasing their epic Hunger and Thirst on Tender Loving Empire, and have returned rather quickly with a new release. With 2 violins, 2 trumpets, 2 drummers, 2 guitars, percussion and a choir of singers, A New Kind of House is the perfect companion to 2010’s epic Hunger & Thirst. These are gentle, yet epic songs about infliction, redemption, fear and hope.

With these five multi-movement song cycles, A New Kind of House is far more than an EP. This fully realized recording finds the 12 piece ensemble at the height of their powers. Rest assured, you will hear much more from Typhoon in the coming years. [ioda]


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A New Kind of HouseTyphoon
“The Honest Truth” (mp3)
from “A New Kind of House”
(Tender Loving Empire)

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