The Heavenly States: Model Son

With lots of hapiness, we bring you today Model Son, from the new e.p. Oui Camera Oui by the Oakland based The Heavenly States.

The latest release from Oakland’s The Heavenly States, Oui Camera Oui is a dose of punk rock intensity, met with killer melodies, and intricate arrangements. The record features special guests Britt Daniel (of Spoon), and comic Eugene Mirman.

With a sound, attitude, and point of view previously likened by reviewers and critics to Dinosaur, Jr., Pavement, The Clash, Talking Heads and The Replacements, Oui features all of the States’ musical traits: hooks, sing-a-longs, the lush string and keyboard arrangements of Genevieve Gagon, ample melodies, the huge drumming of Jeremy Gagon, and the raucous guitar playing of lead singer Ted Nesseth. True to its punk nature, the band continues to inge- niously use a simple everyday vocabulary to paint complex sonic and conceptual landscapes. Telescoped into an EP, these qualities have an amped intensity. (press release)


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