IR: Australia #15 – Interview Showcase #1

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Welcome to episode 15 of Insomnia Radio Australia! It has been a hectic month at Channel Erk/Insomnia Radio: Australia Studios as Erk prepares to head to Europe (July – September).  For a monthly show, episode 15 seems to be a mini milestone so Erk thought that he would do something different on this episode of Insomnia Radio: Australia. Instead of the usual hour of songs, Erk thought that he would give you some highlights from interviews of Australian artists. There will be 4 artists, each representing a different genre/style. It’s a long episode but hopefully you’ll enjoy it!


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Each interview segment here is not the complete interview. Because Erk wants to tease you, you will hear the first quarter of each interview. If you want to hear the rest of the interview, you can listen to the interview in full via Erk’s sister music podcast Erk FM which is where the interviews were originally heard. The full interview also features music from each artist.


Representing the acoustic side of music is Sydney singer/songwriter Kristian Jackson. Kristian joined Erk in the studio recently & even brought his guitar with him. On the full interview, you’ll be able to hear Kristian play for Erk.  Apart from singing and songwriting, Kristian also has experience in teaching music.


Kristian’s segment is followed by pop/cabaret performer Emma Dean. Originally from Brisbane, Emma currently calls Sydney home. At the time of recording the interview, Emma was mere days away from her latest show touring around the east & south-east of Australia with her “Something They Can Hold” tour. At the time of the release of this episode, she is halfway through the tour. The interview also contains discussion of Emma’s current album Dr Dream & The Imaginary Pop Cabaret.


Going harder still, the next segment features from Australian music legend Dave Evans. Still touring and rocking hard, long time Australian music fans should remember Dave from AC/DC. During the interview, Dave is very frank about life on the road, his time with AC/DC & life since. Just after this interview, Dave was about to leave on another overseas trip. On this interview, Erk is joined by his mum Judy & half of Foundry Road.


Finally, the last segment features western Sydney metal band Foundry Road. Unknown to Erk at the time, this was the boys’ first real interview. It is an interesting interview – this one is conducted in person around drummer Brad’s kitchen table. . Since then, they have played to a growing fanbase across Sydney and are getting better with every gig.


Interview list: