Dust of Vraj: By the Heart

Taking their name from a spiritual village in India, Dust of Vraj is a cultural presentation of east meets west in a musical style that’s cutting edge, incorporating classical Indian instruments, ancient Sanskrit Mantras and positive English lyrics. Despite having roots firmly planted in Cleveland, Maui, San Francisco, and Sedona, Dust of Vraj launched their record ‘Time I Am’ in Tokyo, selling over 30,000 CDs in just a few months. The band basically lived on Mt. Fuji writing new material while gaining strength in deepening their meditative practice.

This recording was accomplished in several steps beginning around close to April of last year with female vocals, tabla, and other traditional instruments being recorded on Maui, and in Houston, using their own Remote Studio 108. Finally, the hard to find Shenai, Sarode, Bamboo flute and Indian violin were overdubbed with classical masters in New Delhi, India. Sylvia Massey, and Rich Veltrop mixed the record “Time I Am” at RadioStar Studios in Weed, California. Sylvia Massey (Tool, Immune, System of a Down) said “In over 25 years of music production I’ve never heard anything like this. I really love this record. Amazing!”

When the band was asked whats next? vocalist Acyuta replied, “We are a vessel for a sacred message that is bound to reach every corner of the planet. So I am also watching where the Great Spirit leads us next.” Reaching beyond their major markets of Europe, U.S.A, and Japan; Dust of Vraj is working hard to promote in India, China, Russia, Australia, Canada, and South America.


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