Cathy Davey: Army of Tears

The Nameless is Cathy’s third album. Cathy was born in Dublin, and grew up in Monkstown. She found her way into music almost accidentally. She was signed by Parlophone’s Regal Recordings after a batch of home-recorded demos caused a bit of a stir, and played her first live date shortly thereafter.┬áSpirited away to a studio in Wales, she set to work on her debut album with producer Ben Hillier, who’d previously worked with Elbow and
Blur. The result, Something Ilk, was a gorgeous collection of songs both sultry and sweet, with melodies that soared and guitars that buzzed, drawing comparisons to PJ Harvey and all those other female songwriters that female songwriters often seem to draw comparisons to. At any rate, most of these comparisons fell by the wayside with time, as Cathy managed to wriggle out
of the indie-rock role that Parlophone had given her. She’d never felt comfortable making her voice heard in label discussions, and found that her debut was “very much other people’s idea of what I should sound like.” She found it difficult to perform the songs with confidence, and began to yearn for more independence. (IODA)


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