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IR: Portugal 13

Here at the Azores islands we are already feeling Spring, but Winter is still there. So, opening this show there is a fantastic track to listen next to someone you really like, or alone next to a

I’ll tell you a very peculiar tradition from my home town, Maia. Not even some people from other places in São Miguel island know about this, but it’s something we have been doing for years on the Carnival time.

As for the music, here is the list:

1: Carl Mendes – Elaine’s Song http://www.facebook.com/CARLMENDES.info (free mp3)

2: Paulex – Set the Night on Fire http://www.myspace.com/paulexhiphop

3: Luce – Rosália http://www.myspace.com/luceplace

4: Iconoclasts – Stranger in a Strange Land http://www.facebook.com/iconoclastsband

5: Quarteto de Bolso – Rapaz http://www.quartetodebolso.com (free mp3)



Make sure to look for the artists you are listening in your favourite store, or their site store, as you can always leave a comment in the podcast site, or send it to portugal@insomniaradio.net

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