Darlingside: Good Man

We recently heard Northampton, Mass band DARLINGSIDE’s song Catbird Seat on another blog and realized that we had to immediately look into their catalog, which at the moment consists of a debut EP. Luckily the band had uploaded today’s featured track to their Soundcloud account, and we jumped on the chance to doubly share.

On their February blog posting, Darlingside humorously mentions that January was also Oatmeal Month, Radon Action Month, Skating Month, Self-Help Group Awareness Month, and National Clown College Month. Apparently they didn’t want to be left behind with all of these declarations so they officially declared January Inter-galactic Darlingside Business month. What these means for their fans is a brand new website, their first order of business last month (linked up below).

Enjoy, and spread the word.


Download Good Man
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