Insomnia Radio: Portugal 12

Welcome back to the finest independent music from Portugal. Due to professional reasons, until at least the end of this school year, this show will be published monthly.

During this show you will learn about an azorian tradition regarding Our Lady of the Stars (Nossa Senhora das Estrelas), and a tradition wich I really had hard times finding a way to talk about it, because there is no word in english for what I wanted to talk about.

On this show you will listen to:

1: O Experimentar Na M’Incomoda – Fiando o Linho

2: Bruno Rocha – Sweet Love (In Your Kiss) (free mp3)

3: Norton – Make it Last (free mp3)

4: DW Void – From a Devil’s Point of View (free mp3)

5: Passos Pesados – A Noite Chegou



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