Debate Team: I’ll Try

Debate Team Wins AgainOne day way back in 2003, Oklahoma-based singer/songwriter Ryan McNeil and his friend and guitarist Drew Brown combined their love of pawn shop keyboards and DIY pop songs and began cranking out some lovely home recordings for a project called Debate Team. But Drew had another band which happened to go by the name OneRepublic, and in 2007 their popularity exploded with a pair of Top 10 singles. Just as Debate Team was beginning to carve a place in the dense music scene of Los Angeles, OneRepublic’s rising fame (and the resulting champagne baths and international tours) put the group on hiatus.

In 2009, though, Debate Team was resurrected. McNeil and Brown recruited Bob Morris (guitarist for the Hush Sound) and Dan Konopka (OK Go’s drummer) and keyboardist Adam James. We don’t like the term “supergroup” but…the brilliance of this alliance is that each respective member is able to imaginatively explore music outside the boundaries of their other their established bands.

Now, some 7 years after their inception, Debate Team is ready to bring their pop sensibilities and infectious melodies to the world with their debut EP “Wins Again” which was just released independently on iTunes.

[audio:] Download “I’ll Try”
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