IR Australia #11: Happy Australia Day!

Welcome to episode 11 of Insomnia Radio Australia! On this episode of Insomnia Radio: Australia, Erk features music from across Australia to celebrate Australia Day. Australia Day is celebrated each year on January 26 to celebrate the first British settlement of Australia in 1788. Australia was first used by the British like a jail – sending criminals (convicts) to Australia as punishment via a long sea voyage. While many Australians use the day to celebrate all good things Australian, many people also regard the day as Invasion Day because the new settlers fought with and took over land which was in the care of the Aboriginal people.

All of the music on this episode comes from Reverbnation, using the charts for each of the capital cities of the various Australian states and territories as well as a couple of regional centres. A future IR: Australia episode will feature some more regional music from across the country. There is a wide range of styles of music on this episode!



Song list: