To Light A Fire: Damned

Birmingham, Alabama’s To Light A Fire seem to walk that very fragile line between mainstream and Christian music, at least on their single “Damned.”

Taken from their summer 2010 release “Inward Dwelling” the introspective lyrics touch on redemption and loneliness, love and loss, God and Heaven without being overbearing. The meaning of life theme is well explored here. Musically, it is a superbly produced track, melancholy and melodic with plenty of room between the dreamy guitar work, vocals, solid bass and precise drumming.

The band may think their lives are held together by “paper clips and bits of string” but their music is another story, very matured with high replayability.

One to watch, gang! Below is the “Damned” video and a free download, as always.

[audio:] Download “Damned”