Tobias Borelius: Hiro

A teaser for the new solo album from Tobias Borelius of Emerald Park

Tobias Borelius: HiroTobias Borelius from Emerald Park (Malmö, Sweden) has recorded a solo album with Swedish lyrics. “Du känner mig för väl, farväl” (“You know me too well, goodbye”) is a musical tapas table – small pithy and tasty songs spiced with humor, love, earnest and cynicism.

The musical theme of the record is the old analog synthesizers, the Nord Lead and the acoustic guitar. Where Emerald Park sometimes goes against the great and lengthy, Tobias solo songs is short and intimate. The sound is influenced by Swedish artists such as Familjen, Adolphsson & Falk, Kent and Olle Ljungström. But the goal during the recording process has always been to keep that “home-in” feeling that existed in demo recordings.

As a teaser for the album, the song “Hiro” is a free download under a Creative Commons license. The whole album is going to be released on 14 Jan 2011 at Smaragd Records / Soundpollution in Sweden and on afmusic / TS-Musix in Germany. The download will be available simultaneously in all major online stores worldwide.


Download Hiro

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