Invisible Hand: Coy Trap

Coy Trap is the latest single from the self-titled debut by Invisible Hand.
Invisible Hand
Adam Smith and his Invisible Hand have been producing some of the best punk-laced pop gems and quietly experimenting with home-recording under the radar for the past four years; hitting their stride off a series of split 7” EP releases with Naked Gods (Boone, NC), The Alphabet (Harrisonburg, VA) and Borrowed Beams of Light (Charlottesville, VA). With the Funny / Not Funny Records release of Invisible Hand, the band is ready to expand their devoted-listener base.

Beginning as a nebulous side-project from Smith’s normal night gigs as the bassist and guitarist of fellow Charlottesville acts Order (of the Dying Orchid) and Truman Sparks, the Invisible Hand roster ebbed and flowed throughout its early moonlighting years of incarnation. The band often performed unannounced before Order sets; pummeling the audience with a barrage of fuzz and sloppy Kinks-influenced goodness with Smith blasting a Fender Texas Special Stratocaster through an octave pedal pushed simultaneously through a bass and guitar amp.


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