Built on Tradition: Let Me Be The One

Built On traditionI love coming across bands who cite their influences as The Beatles, Oasis, The Who and Stone Roses – but then seeing their completely unpretentious biography:

Built On Tradition are a young band hailing from Liverpool. They began in October 2009 and have went from strength to strength from there. They write all their own material and have very recently just recorded their first demo. Visit the guys myspace for more info and to listen to the tunes at: www.myspace.com/builtontraditionuk

All Gigs are welcome!;)

The guys do sound young – but full of unpolluted rock and roll dreams. There’s something very pure about Let Me Be The One, and clearly the band’s name – Built On Tradition – is more than mere words.

[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-builtontradition-letmebetheone.mp3] Download Let Me Be The One
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