The Danks – Treaty Connector

Two things you already know about me: I am from the Azores islands, Portugal. And second, I will be the mand behind your Wednesday dose. The third thing you should know, or at least I want you to know, is that I have a special passion for canadian independent music. With no prejudice to other bands, Canada has always inspired me. This comes from the fact that most of my family lives in Canada. So expect at Wednesdays a great dose of canadian music, and of course, portuguese music.

Driven by small-town boredom and a severe distaste for contemporary pop, the Danks deliver a fistful of excitement with the follow-through of a wrecking ball in a Beverly Hills mansion. Recorded under sweltering circumstances in a Haligonian mini-mall, the quartet pounded out, among other things, the unflinchingly catchy Are You Afraid of the Danks? (Killbeat Music)

If you feel like buying the full album, do it from their main site.


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