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From their album Chicken on a Bicycle

Brave ChandeliersBuilding on the critical acclaim of their 2004 debut, As Drawn by Ethan, Age 2, songwriter Todd Leiter-Weintraub and his motley crew of sonic dilettantes return with a new set of ten songs, and a brand new focus. Whereas the success of Ethan was largely due to filtering bits and pieces of Todd’s myriad influences through the pre-conceived context of band and arrangement, the second album takes an entirely different approach. Chicken on a Bicycle wipes the slate clean, and plunges whole-heartedly into multiple genres over the course of 30 minutes, with no regard for consistent structure, arrangement or lineup. The band veers from drum machine to steel guitar, from acoustic strum to electric feedback, from a solo spotlight to a 4-person band, from melody and harmony to dissonance and distortion. The album opens with “Here,” a terse Devo-esque foray into catchy electronic new wave.


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