Insomnia Radio #175: Running the Gamut

Moving away from our last episode’s melancholy moods, episode 175 of Insomnia Radio moves across several genres. The playlist runs the gamut from jazz to punk, acoustic pop to grunge to 8-bit rock, with minimal “vocal interference” from your typically verbose host. This time around the music can speak for itself!

[audio:] Download IR: Episode 175

10 More Reasons Insomnia Radio Exists:

  1. JP Corwyn: Dire | Alternate Track | Facebook
  2. The Pimps of Joytime: Joytime Radio | Facebook
  3. I Fight Dragons: She’s Got Sorcery (unreleased) | Facebook
  4. Hellogoodbye: When We First Met | Facebook
  5. Todd Clouser: Curtis | Facebook
  6. The Gaslight Anthem: 1930 | Facebook
  7. Man or Mouse: IR Jingle/Do or Die | Facebook
  8. [VAULT] The Picture Show: Majestic
  9. Eureka Birds: Sarah (Sits and Cries) | Facebook
  10. Lotus Mason: Dream Surreal | Facebook
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