IR Portugal #9: The Halloween Show

There is no such thing as Halloween in Portugal. Some people do celebrate it here, but this is not part of the history of Portugal. During the show I will explain how it started to be celebrated in Portugal, and the tradition we have that happens on the 1st of November. We call it “pão-por-Deus”, what you could translate to “bread-for-God”.

As for the music, I couldn’t help but be part of the flew, and celebrate with you Halloween with this show. A special thanks goes toAvantegarde Management, who suplied most of the music for the 9th Insomnia Radio: Portugal, that includes:

1: Phazer – Wake Me

2: Heavenwood – Me and You

3: Dark Wings Syndrome – …in Hades (Pt. 1)

4: Demon Dagger – Dust (Moving Figures)

5: Miss Lava – Birth, Copulation and Death

[audio:] Download IR Portugal #9


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