Dumbo Gets Mad: Eclectic Prawn

From our new favourite Netlabel Bad Panda Records comes Italian outfit Dumbo Gets Mad.

Artist: AlbumDo you remember the great Pink Elephants on Parade scene, from the 1941 Disney masterpiece, in which Dumbo, after accidentally becoming intoxicated, see pink elephants sing, dance, and play trumpets during a hallucination sequence? Yes, Dumbo gets mad!

Dumbo Gets Mad is an Italian psych-rock project. He released in July his debut song, Plumy Tale [mp3] that was the feel good hit of last summer around here. It was reviewed with a 9/10 by Mr. Anthony Fantano (aka The Needle Drop) and it came with an awesome video: surfers and big waves. [Bad Panda Bio]


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Creative Ccommons License: BY-NC-SA 3.0