Anamanaguchi: Mess

Anamanaguchi: Mess (animated cover)We first discovered these guys almost two years ago on thesixtyone (listen to Power Supply) and have been enamored ever since. As if Anamanaguchi‘s hyperactive 8-bit anthems aren’t awesome enough, the NYC band has been releasing free singles roughly every two weeks. Their latest entitled “Mess” is yet another testament to the band’s ability to combine chiptunes, melodic rock and roll, and frantic NES-inspired noodling together into a package that makes us wish they’d been responsible for the 8-bit soundtracks of our youth.

(Fortunately they were responsible for the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World video game soundtrack, which is enough to cause waves of nostalgia to crash over us, so we’ll take it!)

And dig that funky animated cover!

If you’re feeling generous after reveling in the glory of “Mess” the band happily takes donations at their site.


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