Son of a Gun: Live Review

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On Sunday 10 October 2010, Erk ventured to the southwest of Sydney to the CabraVale Diggers Club to see the newly created Son Of A Gun show.

IR: Australia listeners would already be familiar with Craig Morrison who was featured on episodes 3 & 7. For this show, Craig joins forces with his father, Lucky Starr. Older Australian music fans may be more familiar with Lucky than Erk is despite his career spanning several decades. He would arguably be best known for his version of the traditional song “I’ve Been Everywhere.”

With a largely elderly audience in attendance on a Sunday afternoon, Lucky & Craig were together on stage backed by a 4 piece band. They started off with a range of rock & roll songs by artists such as Elvis & Buddy Holly. After some time, Lucky left the stage for a while, leaving the stage to Craig for a while. After a few country songs, Lucky returned and played out until a short break. This process was repeated in the second break but with Craig leaving the stage. This was an interesting way to see how father and son performed both together and separately.

So how did they perform?

Considering that this father/son show is in early stages, it could be a bit of an unknown quantity to the audience. Starting the show off with both men on stage singing well known covers before giving one person a break was a masterstroke.  For the moment at least, there will be a mix of people who are familiar with one person but not the other person. There will also be a range of ages in the audience, partly because of Lucky’s longevity in the industry. It is also a great show to take someone to who wants to listen to a range of music from 2 generations of performer. If you are in Sydney and surrounding areas, keep your ears and eyes open for more shows of this type in the future in addition to their performances with their own bands.