IR: The SoCal Sessions #29 – Easy As Pie

Not everyone who sings about our little regional bubble is from the Southern California area, so I decided to place a few tracks at the head of the show today that offer a alternative viewpoint – maybe not pleasing to hardcore regional cheerleaders but still great songs and excellent bands worth your perusal and ultimate support.

Today’s show also features loads of excellent new tracks from bands all over the LA area, with a brief dip below the county line to Newport Beach to visit Young the Giant and a road trip to Las Vegas where we check in with another favorite, Imagine Dragons.

I saw you scratching your head looking at this graphic, so wanted to let you know that the episode’s title comes from an old-timey commercial embedded within; my dream sponsor for the program if you will. While supplies last….   -cs

TRT: 1:03:08 | WORK SAFE (…as far as I can tell…)




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