David Vertesi: All Night, All Night, All Night

David Vertesi is best known as part of the Vancouver indie pop group, Hey Ocean!, although has branched out a bit and recently completed his debut solo album, Cardiography.

Set to be released on October 26th through File Under:Music (Dan Mangan, Kathryn Calder), Cardiography is a concept driven album about learning to love – what one would assume is well-worn territory, however despite the potential for cliché Vertesi’s refreshing frankness and often-painful sincerity steer this record clear of anything banal or ordinary.

His songs highlight the many (and sometimes contradictory) sides of love and like his subject matter, Vertesi manages to be as tragic as he is playful, as refreshing as he is familiar and as spontaneous as he is deliberate. His lyrics give simple yet careful depictions of enduring love (All Night, All Night, All Night), while his low and consoling vocals seem to reassure us that one inevitably leads to the other.

David will be playing shows across Canada during the fall and winter in support of his new record. You can visit www.davidvertesi.com for more info and to listen to a few songs from his upcoming LP. [killbeat]


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