Dan Mangan: Road Regrets

With Nice, Nice, Very Nice, Vancouver’s Dan Mangan seems to be unwilling to pitch his musical flag in any single section of the record store. He dabbles and teases genre all the way from the indie-rock roar of this feature,“Road Regrets” to the string-soaked, orchestral pop of “Fair Verona”. Along the way, he visits everything from the alt-country flavour of “Et Les Mots Croisés” to the 3 a.m.-come-down chamber-folk of “Set the Sails” and the clapboard-shack bluegrass we can hear in “Some People” and “Sold”.

Dan signed to Arts & Crafts last year, the trail-blazing indie label that brought us Broken Social Scene, Feist, and Stars. Mr. Mangan is the first on their roster from the Pacific Northwest.


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