Foundry Road: Artist Profile

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Foundry Road are a western Sydney based metal band (not too far away from the Channel Erk studio) that featured on episode 7 of Insomnia Radio: Australia. Out of all of the 700+ bands that Erk has either played on IR: Australia or Erk FM, Foundry Road are only the second band that Erk would have seen perform live.

With eXplain on vocals (with vocal cords made of steel, surely!), Scott on guitars, Simon on bass & Brad on drums, their album “The Flood of Isolation”  is tight and hard, just the way metal albums should be. The album is well produced and very professional in sound and appearance. Their album is put simply, hard metal. If you are into metal, you will love the sound of Foundry Road. Not all of the songs on the album are “worksafe” but then again, are any metal albums?