Ham1: Ghost Loop

Athens, Ga.’s Ham1’s newest album “Let’s Go On and On and On with Ham1” releases on October 31 on Orange Twin Records
Let's Go On and On and On with Ham1Through the last half-decade or so, Jim Willingham’s ever-expanding canon-of-song has become somewhat of an Athens, Georgia institution; in that rough interval, he and his band Ham1 have performed extensively amid the vaunted downtown music scene, toured a good bit, and recorded no fewer than four full-length albums that both reflect and expand upon that locale’s long-noted proclivity toward idiosyncratic narrative and a psychedelicized instrumental approach to fleshing elemental chord changes into full-blooded songs. Ham1’s newest offering, LET’S GO ON AND ON AND ON WITH HAM1 somehow miraculously manages to expand on both of those factors simultaneously, a phenomenon attributable to fresh directions taken in the realms of the studio and in the development of the band’s sonic palette, song-per-song.


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