The Superbees: The Lonely Kind

The Superbees are back with the long awaited follow-up to “High Volume”. Reunited once again with the original line-up, The Superbees deliver “Top Of The Rocks”, a knockout six-song EP that picks up where High Volume left off – Kickin’ out the jams with bombastic irreverence.
The Superbees: Top of the RocksFounding member and lead vocalist/guitarist Dave James paid his dues in a number of killer rock n’ roll outfits including The Coma-Tones, The Sacred Hearts (with Javier Escavedo of The Zeros) and The Joneses before hooking up with bassist Dat Ngo, guitarist Scott Carlson (Repulsion, Cathedral and Hushdrops) and drummer Johnny Sleeper (The Stitches). Joining the Bees are Jake Cavalier of the Lords Of Altamont and Cody ChesnuTT, who handles percussion duties on “Bad News”.

The Superbees can be seen electrifying stages up and down the West Coast with their loud and physical take-no-prisoners live performances.


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