Flugente: It’s Not Just the Summer That Is Ending

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Flugente (pronounced FLOOG-en-teh) is the solo project of former The Blam front man Jerry Adler. Musically, it is a near 180-degree shift from the electric guitar driven, generally up-tempo, hook laden avant-pop of his indie quartet.

Flugente 2 picks up where his first record left off thematically, but is a marked step forward from a musical standpoint. Whereas the debut was often deliberately anti-melodic and austere, this work, though minimalist in nature, sparkles with mature musicianship and lovely arrangements. It is very much a commentary on life and love in the modern world and lyrically it is dazzling.

Certainly there are echoes of Woody Guthrie, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan, but, ”through a glass darkly,” as a writer once put it. Adler has cut his own path here and has cultivated a strong and unique voice which not only honors the tradition of the folk music from which it was born, but that will speak equally to fans of Whitman, Kerouac, and Fitzgerald. Flugente 2 is a profound record that will touch you to the core. [themusebox]

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