The Soundcarriers: Last Broadcast

From London, Manchester and Nottingham, in the UK, Last Broadcast is from their second album Celeste

The Soundcarriers: CelesteHere we have another blast of summer flecked sound. Last year’s album Harmonium found a lush and spiked musical template. In Celeste we find a tighter, more focused group. The same authentic analog warmth pervades, but with the addition of new sounds, playful blips and bleeps suggesting an extended musical canvas. The influence of jazz and ‘Kosmiche’ music becomes apparent as the muscular Last Broadcast floats from the turntable. What a groove! The bass work of Can’s Holger Czukay is instantly brought to mind, but soon we find ourselves in unexplored space-rock terrain. A denser sound pervades, that feels far removed from the lysergic whoosh of Harmonium. [IODA]

[SM – any band that references Can and/or Holger Czukay is going to be played on Insomnia Radio, if I can arrange it]


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