Modern Skirts: Happy 81

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From the Happy 81 EP

Modern Skirts: Happy 81Happy 81 EP marks a stark contrast to their previous records. The band flexed its pop muscle on the debut record, “Catalogue of Generous Men,” and their sophomore effort, “All Of Us In Our Night,” found the band starting to push its own boundaries. The “Happy 81 EP” is a statement of intent, a flag in the ground, claiming a new territory after a long journey. The “Happy 81 EP” and their forthcoming full length record (due this fall) both have their origins in singer Jay Gulley’s bedroom four track cassette recordings. Through the years, while Modern Skirts was touring and recording their studio albums, hundreds of cassette demos were being recorded in the off time. These songs were purely for enjoyment, never to be heard by anyone outside of the band. Eventually, the band realized that these recordings were bolder and more exciting than anything they had approached before.

The “Happy 81 EP” was recorded and mixed exclusively by the band at home. The original tape recordings were digitized and mixed and mastered. These recordings are as raw and alive as you can get. The EP sounds like a secret that no one was supposed to hear. The EP looks forward to the full length, which takes these home recordings and adds the sparkle and punch of studio recording to the grit and viscera of the home demos. [IODA]

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