IR Orlando 28: George Hrab’s “Trebuchet”

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Yes, I know it has been a long absence, and I’m sure you thought I was gone for good but I’m not! I plan to start releasing some content again, most likely in smaller doses so that I produce them more frequently, so stay tuned for more local content soon…

That being said, I have a special presentation for this episode of Insomnia Radio Orlando. This is your opportunity to hear a brand new album from one of my favorite podcasters, George Hrab. George is an independent musician based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and he’ll be performing in Orlando on July 17 at Nerdapalooza, so there IS a local tie-in here.

George combines his considerable intelligence and humor with his abilities as a musician, singer, and songwriter on his sixth album, “Trebuchet.” George has generously offered up the entire album to his fellow podcasters for a listening party. If you like it, please support him by purchasing a copy. You can get your very own digital copy on iTunes or at CD Baby, or better yet, if you buy an actual physical CD, you’ll also get the 20-page booklet AND a chance at being the lucky recipient of The Golden Ticket, which entitles you to a live personal performance from Geo himself.

George is also a skeptic and atheist, and if you’d like to hear more from him, check out his Geologic Podcast – it’s one of my favorites. He has also made recent appearances on a couple of my other favorite podcasts, Skepticality and as a Guest Rogue on an upcoming episode of The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe.

You can also get his book, Non-Coloring Book here, or find out more about his music at Geologic Records.

If you have never heard George’s music before, this is a great chance to check out the album, then show your support by purchasing it. My own copy is on the way.

George Hrab “Trebuchet”
featuring Phil Plait, Peter Gregson, Slau, and The Skeptical Shoe Horns.
1. God is Not Great
2. Everything Alive Will Die Someday
3. Ms.Information
4. Fifty Stories
5. FAR
6. Remora
7. Sviatoslav Lobster
8. When I Was Your Age
9. Trebuchet
10. Atlanta
11. Death From The Skies
12. Never Knew
13. Hai Yookito ‘Ya
14. Where Have You Been?
15. One Hypnopompic Jerk
16. Small Comfort
17. Happy Birthday Baby

"Trebuchet" cover

available at and iTunes

all songs © 2010 Geologic Records / You Call That Music


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